The VET4SBO Erasmus+ project uses Domognostics in training content

On 25-26 September 2019, members of the Domognostics+ team had the chance to attend the transnational meeting of the VET4SBO project in Larnaca, Cyprus organised by our affiliated company EUROCY Innovations

VET4SBO creates a Curriculum and indicative training content to be used by vocational education and training centres to train the next generation of smart building operators. It focuses on the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for the operation of buildings in more energy efficient terms and at lower cost, always keeping in mind the occupants' comfort and the required function of the building.

As part of the course, examples of software platform able to integrate IoT technologies and offer smart analytics in the buildings domain are used. PHOEBE Domognostics platform, which is currently being further developed in the framework of the Domognostics+ project, features as one of the key examples in the training course.