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Domognostics+ aims to bridge the gap between research on IoT-enabled smart building automation systems and relevant industrial applications.

Radical new application of an existing technology: Application of some of the state-of-the-art technologies in machine learning, IoT, semantic reasoning, IoT gateways.  The back-end system will use a RESTful API and open standards, which will facilitate the integration of the platform with other platforms, supporting the creation of ecosystems of services.

Creation of new knowledge/technology:  Domognostics+ platform will be enriched with the development of SEMIoTICS, a state-of-the-art IoT-enabled monitoring and control system architecture , incorporating a semantically-enhanced supervisor. The SEMIoTICS architecture has been published in high-rank academic journals, showing applications in Smart Buildings, Water Distribution Networks, Electric Power Systems, as well as in vertical research areas, such as the fault detection schemes. 

Acquisition of new knowledge and skills:  Domognostics+ develops a "Smart Building" solution, applicable to different building operators/end-users. Furthermore, the  Domognostics+  platform will facilitate researchers to embedding their results in real industrial products, by giving them the option to license their IPR.  Development of new conc epts, approaches and solutions: external researchers and companies can use Domognostics+  APIs to retrieve data and create new business models offering additional services to the building operators. Successful application of the Domognostics+ will have a benefit towards the quality of life, through reducing  energy losses, energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions and much more. Improvement of the business environment and competitiveness:  PHOEBE will be able to serve a set of customers who typically do not have access to smart building technologies.